William Haynes, LMT

Patient Comments

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 Some of the documented comments I have received...
 (I live vicariously thru my client's successes)

Hi Bill, just want to let you know that I felt terrific when I left out. I felt so good that I walked down the building side stairs [rather than use the elevator]. Thanks.  (MS Patient 09/16/13)

[kinesio]Tape stayed on until Thursday. Got 6th at [World Wakeboard Association] Nationals! Thank you. (08/18/13)

Safely finished 6th half without issues or additional iT pain! Thanks!!  (Baltimore Half Marathon - 10/13/13)

Hey, I wanted to let you know I got my first massage since you at this [insert Large Asian Country here] place, it was so different and not even close to the work you do!  (A Personal Trainer who moved out of the area - 2013)

I tied my tournament personal best on Saturday, Thanks!  (in 2011) and then...  I got a personal best yesterday and topped it today! Thanks for loosening me up! (in 2012) 

Myofascial and muscle pain from sports injuries have been my companions for five years.  Your myofascial massage has brought relief and enabled me to get back to my workouts (14 miles a day on the bike) and my life.  For someone got almost no help from sports medicine doctors, this has been a magical experience. (2010)

I just wanted to let you know that I have been remakabky flexible in my yoga classes.  That's when I can tell the best.  Even stretching at home... (2012)

You are a gifted healer, I just started running again.  The pain in my hip has not returned.  I thought I would have to live with it.  (2009)

 [My son's girlfriend] has resumed ballet lessons after having been on hiatus following an injury sustained when she was dropped during a lift. (2010)

I have to thank you not once, but twice.  You worked on my back last week on a knot.  The work was gentle and very effective...  Thank you!  Yesterday I had two clients with multiple knots, I remembered what you had done and used it.  The results were gratifying to all of us. (a fellow massage therapist)

WOW!  An hour after you worked on my shoulder, my first rib popped back in.  It has been our for over a year, and I have been seeing a chiropractor.

Thanks so much for your help at the [roller] skating rink.  I need to let you know - the skater whose legs you helped loosen up - she didn't just win, she kicked butt.  She had me do the same thing for her before her next 2 events, and she blew everyone away!  (a fellow massage therapist)

Holy Cow, I feel like I'm 24 again. (someone who was older then 24)

I beat the pants off them and tied a personal best.  Thanks!

Thank you so much for all your help and work out advice, it really did the trick and was very effective for me.

While results typical of these are possible, each person is unique and our current physical condition is the result of our past.  I do not claim to heal, only help the body heal itself.  I do not do chiropractic adjustments and I stay with the massage therapist's scope of practice.  I will be happy to consult with your other health care providers, personal trainers, coaches and instructors.  -Bill

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